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Priv in '18
Hey folks! 
So my current phone (non-BB) is starting to croak and am in the market for a new/used device. As far as the price spectrum is working out it looks like the Priv is just about the least expensive option for me to get back to a BB. I'd love to latch onto a KeyOne, but the price doesn't fit the budget, besides that would make my decision making so much easier and where's the fun in that? 

So my question for you is who is using a Priv still and how is it holding up?
I still use the Priv a lot and I prefer it over my KEYᴼᴺᴱ'S

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Frankly the Priv is a very nice phone, but it is dated in its hardware, especially the processor which is known to have overheating issues. If you regularly clean your cache and data and do not do a lot of gaming, it probably will serve you well. Just understand that BlackBerry no longer supports the device and make sure your seller will warranty it be cause BlackBerry doesn't.

You will be stuck on Marshmallow, but it should work for a few more years. Just know you will not receive security or any other kind of OS update nor can you root the device to load an alternative. The screen is nice and the camera is okay, just not up to today's standards.

If you understand these caveats, then the Priv could meet your needs. If I were you, I would save and get either the KEYone or the Motion if BlackBerry is the way you want to go.
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I use Priv and it is good but not excellent

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