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Interesting Reading
I am reading a really cool book about success and how most of our conceived ideas about success are usually wrong. The section in particular that made me think of BlackBerry and its turnaround success was on quitting. Yes, that's right, quitting. The premise was about quitting was doesn't work and focusing on what moves you forward.

While for most of is here on UTB have always found BB10 and BlackBerry built handsets to be amazing, we were apparently in the minority. BlackBerry has focused on what they do well (and accepted by the marketplace) and dropped (quit) what the marketplace doesn't want (BB10 OS and handsets). That sucks because like many products before them, the mediocre, but we'll marketed products survive and excellent, but poorly marketed products die off.

It's nice to see the software live on, and so long as my new Passport survives, I will keep on with BB10. But I see eventually there will come a day where I have to make the switch to something new.
Users wanted access to apps. Devs totally dropped BB10, so BlackBerry went went their version of Android. So far I have no complaints. Verizon is another thread.
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Complaints about Big Red would be active and long.

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My point was that what made BlackBerry survive is the focus on what they can be good and generate business from going forward and dropping (quitting) what is not working.

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. The quit. No sense in being a damn fool about it."
Got the point, why I posted what I did. I mentioned apps, but dropping BB10 was foreseen. BlackBerry Ltd got out of hardware business completely to focus on software and security solutions.
I don't use the word "quit" rather use new focus, business change, whatever. T'is the way of the future.
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