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Keyone and Android Beam
Hello everyone,
I purchased a Keyone a week ago. Starting to use it more and more even though my Passport is still my main phone as the typing experience is much more accurate on it in my opinion. Also I just realised how well thought out BB10 is with all the native apps.

But there is hope i'll get used to the Keyone. I was just trying out the NFC between my Passport and the Keyone. So I sent an URL to the Keyone via NFC (Android beam) but it just tells me new tag collected with the link description but I can't do anything with it, can't open in the browser, long press does nothing. Do I need to go to a folder to retrieve these tags ?

Note that the reverse operation works as it should i.e send a link from my Keyone to my Passport via NFC will prompt me to open my browser with a few options.
Any thoughts ?

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