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New BBM Update
The notifications are blue now and looks great.


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BBM Updated and it has freaking Football365 now which is awesome cause it's one of my favorite apps ever.. Super excited about BBM and the things in store..


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Not a huge world football fan, but it looks interesting. I'm also glad to see BBM adding functionality. I'd love to see group calling and notes in groups added.
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Fantastic updates for BBM just keep on coming. I've gone from someone who was upset by the lack of updates for BBM on BB10 to someone who is continually impressed with updates for BBM on BlackBerry Android. Would like to see the option to subscribe and be able to call etc. A different ball game yes but have you seen the new UI for Skype? It's awful.
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Still wish they would fix some of the group chat issues.

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I would like some updates for BBM on BB10.
(13-08-2017, 02:47 AM)Schmurf. Wrote: I would like some updates for BBM on BB10.

I switched to the KEYone in May but still use my Passport as a secondary device and I also am kind of, though not totally surprised that there has been no updates for BBM on BB10.

As much as I have been impressed with the further development and additional features of BBM on the KEYone it is not all good news. Recently we had an update where just as Microsoft redesigned Skype to make it look as though a child had designed it BlackBerry seem to have followed suit and made some changes of their own. Gone are the nice distinctive green blue circles indicating read, delivered, they are now replaced with a tiny blue tick indicating both and you need a magnificent glass to see them. Also gone is the dark theme which people waited so long for and behind the chat window we now have some childish wallpaper which has brought the appearance of BBM down to the same childish level as the new look Skype.

Some will like the changes but it seems many do not. So although BB10 BBM lacks the features there is much still to be loved about the professional look it retains over the latest child friendly version on BlackBerry Android devices.

Finally, hardly got any adverts on BB10 BBM, bombarded with them on BlackBerry Android, minor annoyance but still annoying.

Anyone else, the latest update on BBM Android? Love it, Hate it?
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Not surprised.
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I liked the old circles either green with an R or blue with a D and they were easier to see.
Making changes to say they have updated isn't always better just different.

iOS hasn't changed, they are lucky

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