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I finally touched a PRIV and I want one
I had the opportunity to touch a BlackBerry PRIV yesterday. A friend of mine, who is based in another town, asked me to meet up with someone who had a PRIV and was willing to sell it. My friend, who I met because he bought my Passport from a re-seller, asked me to have a look at the device and advise him about its condition. I met the seller and had my first feel of the PRIV in my hands. I was blown away!
It is a T-Mobile PRIV, which the seller imported from the US. It is in amazing condition. Almost new. The device is so thin, yet it packs a lot of power under the hood. The sliding mechanism works like a charm. The curved edges are beautiful. The touch sensitive, physical keyboard is simply amazing. The textured back, it is just Wow!
Having held it in hand, I wondered why such a beautiful phone failed to be a hit internationally. I just could not get it. After some moments of reflection, I realised that the main problem was the brand – BlackBerry. Despite the device running Andriod, the time the PRIV was introduced, the brand was quite broken. BlackBerry was synonymous with old, not stylish, poor sales and simply, a brand to stay away from. People just didn’t care about it. Some were even wishing it dead, but not us at UTB Blogs.
The situation now is different.  BlackBerry has outsourced the manufacturing of devices to TCL and two other manufacturers, in Indonesia and India. It has released the DTEK 50 and DTEK 60, as well as the KEYone, which is the first phone that TCL has brought out, while in Indonesia, the Aurora is on sale. BlackBerry is on the rise again.
As for me, the time is ripe to buy a PRIV. The device is selling below $300 on Amazon and other sites. It is finally within my reach. 
It really is a great device! I love mine! I highly recommend it! I do NOT find it underspeced in any way. My only complaints are, 1) it can be a bit big with cases on it. When I feel my Z30, I think, "this is the perfect size." But I've always gravitated towards smaller devices. 2) There is only one speaker and its loud enough, but doesn't give off the same sound as the Z30.

I think BlackBerry hit a home run with the Priv. Mine has Marshmallow and its performing well. I hope you get one! Don't hesitate! The KEYone is awesome, but a totally different form factor, as are the DTEKs.
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I had my doubts about moving to Android, but the Priv made that transition so easy. Mine performs really well and I love the various Launchers available to customize the user experience.

It is a powerful device plus I love the form factor.

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You will be very happy, Sipo.
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Did you make the move, Sipo?

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