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Where is the KEYone in Stock for the USA?
I was looking for the KEYone, but the only device that I see on shopblackberry is the DTEK 50. There is no other device.

When I looked on BestBuy's website it shows you can order, but none are available.

So where is the KEYone actually available?

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KEYone not on Shop BlackBerry, it's on BlackBerry Mobile
Page not updated yet for sale.

Amazon has KEYone for $549.99 + $9.00 shipping.
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#3 does not carry the KEYone or any newly released phones as BlackBerry Mobile now does. Amazon and Best Buy carry the KEYone as Brad wrote yesterday but it appears they may be temporarily sold out.
Hang tight as they (TCL) scrambles for more inventory.
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Still nothing on BlackBerry Mobile, methinks they and TCL dropped the ball on this release.
Amazon out of stock, nothing listed for BB Mobile now, last two must have sold already.
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So they had two in Stock and sold two. I thought the delay in the release was to make sure they had inventory. Things that make you go, "Hmmmmmmmm."

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No, they had more than two in stock, just by time I checked this am, they were down to two.
Amazon sold out also, no way of knowing how many were available.
For sale at BlackMobile Canada, still nada in US.
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Piss poor launch as far as I'm concerned.
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I am agreeing with you on this one, DL. The delay in order to have enough stock to take care of demand, which I don't think will be that large, and yet nothing. Best Buy, Mobile's website, and even Amazon...nada.

Big anticipation, bigger let down for those wanting it. I wonder if BlackBerry Mobile's motto is, "hurry up and wait" ?

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Finally shows buying options.
Amazon out of stock on CDMA and GSM.
Best Buy shows no shipping yet, not available in stores within 250 miles, which covers all of NY state and more for me.
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Amazon won't have any in Stock for new orders for another month, that's what I was told from Amazon.


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