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WhatsUp10 for BB10
Are you going to buy WhatsUp10 for BB10 by Nemory Studios ?
Not me. I have nothing to do with WhatsApp or any version.
Looks to be for BB10 anyway.
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For users who use Whatsapp, this is great!
Surprised with this app. Time will tell how stable it is. As it seems Oliver from Nemory had told me it was very complicated to do a client app. Let's see. For whatspp users where it the de facto messenger app it is potentially great news. Key here is that BB10 can run Android APK's something other OS's can't do (except Android of course)
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Nemory proved that he knows how to bring good clients. This time he used the Android version.
The BlackBerry support forums was having multiple new posts every day from Whatsapp users wondering what to do. Those that stayed with BlackBerry 10 thus far will be happy.

I've been curious if Whatsapp will allow connections from a BB10 device after they terminate their app support on BB10. Is it too early to know the answer? I don't use Whatsapp and haven't been paying attention. I don't know. But would be a little irritated if I bought the app and a few months from now Whatsapp blocks connections.
Oliver knows his ...

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Like Snap2Chat from Nemory, I guess WhatsUp10 will cause issues with Whatsapp
(04-05-2017, 07:47 PM)SimpleBerryRoy Wrote: Like Snap2Chat from Nemory, I guess WhatsUp10 will cause issues with Whatsapp

That's what I would expect.

I would always hope the best for BB10 users, but I doubt there will be a solution when Whatsapp actually flips the switch.

- Ira
Anybody that buys before WhatsApp drops support and they know the app will work are asking for disappointment.
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