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Priv Keyboard Shortcuts
I powered up my Q20 just today and let the HUB sync and downloaded a few updates. Great device. I wanted to put my SIM in and use it, but I have so many BlackDroid apps I'm using now, it would be difficult. Email. text, phone communications, file management and organization are all still awesome on BB10 and the Classic.
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Fired up my Passport two days ago. Almost forgot how to navigate. If only BB10 had been introduced a few years earlier, think of what it could have been with the popular apps. It is a great smooth user experience. But wishing is useless. BlackDroid is the new reality. Despite what my family encourages, I will not lock myself in the expensive walled garden.

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At this time, it looks like BlackDroid is the way of the future.
With that said, some PKB shortcuts are very handy.
I should use them more often.
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