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Short, Long, Longer press to highlight a word, sentence, paragraph
Just discovered a great feature. When selecting text by tap/holding on a word, a short hold selects the word. Hold a little longer and the sentence is highlighted, hold down longer and the paragraph is selected. Keep holding down and the amount of text selected is increased as long as you hold down.
This is a great feature for selecting a lot of text. I never knew this existed and will use it all the time now. Very cool.
It only seems to work with BB10 though. Didn't work on Priv

I used to say using a BlackBerry is Christmas every day. One could be using a BlackBerry for a few years and discover something new and cool either by accident or stumble on a mention in the forums.

Here is another tip on the similar bent: You can hold and select like that on any screen and then select share, and share the selection to BBM, Remember, Evernote, etc. It works very well for straight text, but not so well for mixed text and images. However, when selecting mixed text and images, copy and paste works where share messes up.


- Ira
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Good tips. Using on both my Passport and PRIV!

Sent from my awesome PRIV STV100-4
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Twitter: Rico4you

Thanks for sharing Ira.
(31-03-2017, 12:52 AM)Rico4you Wrote: Good tips. Using on both my Passport and PRIV!

Sent from my awesome PRIV STV100-4

You can get it to work on Priv? Didn't work for me
New Updates, was told it's the same as the KEYone. I'll know once it's downloade. Just letting everyone know and if it's already been posted just delete this


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Yup it's the same as the KEYone İmage

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İmage. Wow it's very nice.

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I love it. I was asking for triage in hub like BB10. This has the next best thing

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