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Forums are going through some changes...
You might notice a few changes over the next few days.

We're streamlining our categories, they've kind of grown out of hand. Nothing is being lost, but many categories are being condensed.

***** is in the process of moving some items now and I will be renaming categories this evening to make more sense.

Also, a face-lift is being worked on, and it looks amazing. There are still some bugs to be worked out and Robert is making sure we don't lose any functionality when it rolls out, so look forward to it, but be patient. :)

Have fun!

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I'm trying to have fun, but will have to think about it. Tounge Hehe!
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All threads about BB10 moved to Passport under BlackBerry Smartphones, which will be renamed later to reflect the new category.
All threads pertaining to BlackDroid ( BlackBerry Android) moved to Priv by BlackBerry (same info).
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Sounds logical to me. Just make them BlackDroid and you have them all covered. Good luck with the streamlining. Not an easy task.

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BB10 Devices together
BlackDroid Devices together.
Renaming later, Brad still at work.
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Great work guys, it looks a lot cleaner now
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We try.
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I like it!

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Forums are a little more streamlined. Should make it easier to search and read.
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I'm guessing the changes won't be visible viewed from the BB10 UTB app?

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