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Att still has the BlackBerry PRIV,
Lol its no different than the BlackBerry Side Bar, you have to turn it off to.

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This new Priv isn't on beta and it's so much smoother then my other Priv that's on Beta.

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Live and learn. :)
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(27-03-2017, 09:09 AM)DickLewis13 Wrote: Live and learn. :)
I enjoy beta

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Beta is fine, but sometimes you need a stout heart.
Early betas can really get hairy.
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You aren't a kidding on that, DL. It's cool to see what is coming down the pike when you have a beta, but then you run the risk of a great running phone suddenly having issues.

I am a beta user for Pulse. Really like the app, but every once in a while an update doesn't play nice. Thankfully most of the time the momentary fix of a reboot or making sure my settings haven't been changed by the update works. If not the developer is very responsive.

But if my phone goes wonky and it's due to the beta, it isn't worth it and the beta version will go.

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