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Finally got my Passport to work with my Work Toshiba laptop after 2 years!!!!
Two things that have been driving me nuts since 2015 with my work laptop:

1) Blend would eventually stop working within a few minutes. The culprit seemed to be the BlackBerry Virtual Private Network in the Network adapters in Windows 7... it would red X itself out after a few minutes and Blend would disconnect. Blend works flawlessly on my home PC on Windows 7, but I had tried everything to get it functional on my work machine with no luck. Software reinstalls, network troubleshooting, phone software upgrades, registry hacks... nothing.

Basically gave up on ever getting Blend going on my main work machine. Also, It was annoyingly disconnecting and reconnecting USB... all the time. different USB ports, cable changes, still couldn't get a consistent connection. I'm the network manager, full permissions, IPV6 enabled, WIFI configured correctly... nothing, nada, bupkis.

Until today. Followed this and boom! Worked! Not only fixed my intermittent USB but dammit, now Blend is running perfectly:

BB Knowledgebase Article

How come I never found this before? It is a logically laid out series of troubleshooting steps and settings for ensuring USB and network connectivity for BB 10 phones, written in 2015!!!! I've been fighting with Blend since at least then and searching for online troubleshooting for months, and today I stumbled across this. And it worked!  Oh joy!

2) Upgraded Office 365 to the 2016 version in December and boom... can no longer sync Outlook Contacts and Calendar... got the dreaded:
"the operating system is not configured to run this application" error every time I tried to sync contacts & calendar in Link. Again, tried workarounds, software uninstalls, re-installs, hacks, tweaks, nothing worked.

The common consensus is that Office 2016 breaks a bunch of relationships with other programs (not just BlackBerry stuff)... but of course, they're no answer... except:

Remove and reinstall Office 2013.

Office 2013 Rollback

Fortunately, I have the subscription click-to-run version, so the first option worked for me. And now I have full Contact & Calendar Syncing again.

And Blend.

Yes! Big_smile2
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Why I dislike newer versions. I still use Office 2007 suite.
Thanks for the heads up.
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Thanks for the info. No doubt it will be a great help to some
I am going to try it today on my work computer. I need to update a slideshow on my PlayBook, but can't get the computer to recognize it.

Sent from my BlackBerry Priv
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Here's a question. Can I get my Passport to sync with my desktop AND a laptop? Software is installed on both but having trouble connecting to laptop. Just not sure if it allows connection to two computers. My laptop is running Windows 10 so maybe that is the problem. Will read the article Vorplaz posted, it may be a Windows 10 issue
Windows 10 problem, most likely.
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