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B.itch Thread
I think BlackBerry's Android apps leave something to be desired. I'm talking strictly about the apps available from Play that can be installed on any android device, not anything pre-installed on a BlackBerry branded phone.

On the LG I recently tried them on, I found Hub to open slow, handle multiple person sms chats poorly and email sync to be unreliable. The Calendar is redundant. Just a rehash of the stock calendar. Password keeper worked ok. The launcher worked ok as well but as a suite, having them all installed and in use alongside the stock apps was too much drain on resources and caused the phone to lag.

If other people use the apps to "test out a BlackBerry Android like experience" and have the same experience I'm afraid that they will pass on BlackBerry altogether.

I'm just happy that I had a Classic to come running back to.
Is there any reason the BlackBerry apps would work differently on a BlackDroid? The only issue I've had with my Priv is the HUB can be slow to sync with Gmail. But only a minute or so. I just refresh the HUB when I open it. I find I use the HUB less on BlackDroid. I use the notifications from the drop down and open and close apps.

Via BlackBerry Priv and Tapatalk
Via BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 or Z30 or Classic on or BB Playbook

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