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App deals from Google Play Store
Black Friday is coming near, I know there would be many apps/games on discount but i couldn't find anywhere to keep track all of them.

Here is a place for us to share of any paid Android apps on promotion, so that the community gets the best benefit out of it. :good: i will daily update this thread if you're interested in this thread. Thanks. 
P.s: I'm not sure if i need include Google store url here or not? If it's unnecessary, please tell me, if you can't access that game/app due to region restriction, tell me.

Update 15/11/2016
- Paid to Free
(App)Thai Japanese Dictionary (By Bede product): ($1.4) ==> Free 
(Game) War Card Game ($ 0.99)==> Free 
(Game) God of Blades ($2.99) ==> Free 
(App) Holo Sense - CM13 Theme ($1.03) ==>Free 
(App) Visual Calendar for Tablets ($4.99) ==> Free 
(App) Picross Touch($0.99) ==> Free 
(App) Ontario G1 Test - Best G1 App! ($0.99) ==> Free 
(Game) The Spookening ($4.58) ==> Free
(App) iSlider iOS 8($1.35) ==> Free 
(App) Photomyne Album Scanner ($0.99) ==> Free 
(Game) 최순실의 말키우기 ($1.49) ==> Free  Tell me if you can't get it from your store due to region restriction or cannot type in Korea
(App) 2016 USPS Carrier Calendar ($0.99) ==> Free
- Discount 
(Game) Hitman: Sniper (80% Off) 
thx for info

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