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Search4Places = Great Maps App
I saw the app Search4Places in the BBW carrousel and decided to try it out. It's fantastic.

It's a native BB10 app that basically adds layers on top of the BB10 Maps app or Google Maps (you choose which one you want to use in the settings). It works like this: you search for the name or type of a place (Point Of Interest = POI), and it will display a list of results closest to you. If you tap on one of the results, it will show it on the map, it will show the route you need to get there, it will show info about the place and it can navigate to that place, just like mapping apps do.

It gets the POI data from Google Places, but you do have the choice of using BB10 Maps.

And it's super fast. I'm not sure how they made it so fast, but I'm glad they did.

There are only 2 reasons I still use Google Maps: POIs and StreetView. This app obviates reason #1. :-)

Check it out:
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