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Listen To The Radio Through The Built-In Speakers
Phones like the Passport and Z30 allow you to listen to the radio the old-fashioned way: by capturing the over-the-air signal broadcast by the radio stations. But in order to do so, you have to plug headphones into the phones because the phones use the headphone's cable as an antenna. And that's a problem if you want to listen to the radio through the phone's built-in speakers.

Fortunately, there's a quick and easy solution. If you're using the BB10 Music app, then simply tune into the station you want to listen to, and tap on 'Audio' in the overflow menu (the righthand menu), and then select 'Speakers'. You should hear the radio playing out of your phone's built-in speaker.

From then on, it would be a good idea to extend the headphone's cable like you would an antenna (the cable type, not the telescopic type....obviously. :-D )
You should blog it

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Love the FM app.
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One I did a while back....

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