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Carriers ? Who care ?
We get gouged bad in Canada

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You can't even get a basic phone with only talk and text, no data, that cheap in US or Canada.
That is really cheap by standards here.

(11-10-2016, 02:52 PM)SimpleBerryRoy Wrote: If you pay more then $18 for unlimited calls and text and 16GB.. Yes it's to much...

my wife pay $10 for unlimited calls and text and 5GB data...
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You should complain!!!

Make revolution
Now that is rose colored glasses. The big 4 have one helluva lock on us.
Prices are only gonna go up, no bloody way will they go down.
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In the days, we paid around $50 for calls and SMS with 2 or 3GB data...

We complain and after our minister didn't have nothing else to do.. they approved new 3 carriers that promise to sell cheap plans...

Week after all the Top 3 carriers lower their plans...

I think that we are paid less then any western country
Send those 3 carriers over here to the USA. We need some real competition.

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It sound like you need it

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