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Why all the iPhone hate
I have an iPhone 6s and iPad Air 2 for work and they work very well.  The OS is clean and buttery smooth and all of my company's necessary apps are there. I'm more of a tinkerer so that's why I have a Z30 and a Priv for personal use, but iPhone is a solid product and is great for business.
No way to fully explain the distaste for iPhone.
Start with their BS sales spiel, Tim Cook is a moron.
Congrats on the BlackBerry devices, but you will never see any love for Apple from me.
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I wouldn't classify Cook as a moron. He's no Steve Jobs, but he's no moron either. Mike and Jim, however... Geniuses of their time who laughed and twiddled their thumbs while the iPhone changed the mobile landscape. I'm just a bit salty about that.
I think part of the distaste comes from jealousy. Apple came from no where and with Android killed BlackBerry phone sales.

But I also think part of the distaste is due to the business practices of Apple. They are a USA company that is diligently working to cheat their government out of taxes, who severely limit the capability of aspects of their phone and force those who have an iPhone into a very costly walled garden.

They also have been trumpeting major breakthroughs in phone technology that others have had for years. They claim innovation when it is more of the same. Oh, they are successful in promotion but the reality others have more capability.

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Newcollector nailed one aspect. There's also the anti-competitive business practices used by a company which wouldn't even be here today if not for Bill Gates wishing to keep them around as competition. The horrendous way their employees are treated. Etc etc.

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I don't get how anyone can say that an iPhone 6 or iPad is a good device.... How the hell do you get anything done with all the restrictions?

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You can't even arrange files into appropriate folders. How is that a good business device?

Anyway, for me the distaste towards apple comes from all those ridiculous stuff they do. Suing others over rounded corner and other BS stuff, and keep changing their ports so that customers would have to buy new accessories again and again and again. This practise has been going on ever since the ipod days geezz..

And I also still remember back in the days where apple charges you for wanting to upgrade your itouch's OS! Ah as I'm typing this, I now recall their other stupid design decisions such as no physical volume button for their 1st itouch, to today's no 3.5mm headphone jack. Oh, and there's no even no basic important function as such "cut, copy, paste" when they first launch itouch or iphone and refuse to add them until.... how many months or a year maybe? Let's not forget about the imessage fiasco where people who no longer use iphone couldn't receive their incoming SMS and had to go through a length of trouble because of it. And File Transfer using BlueTooth only works from iphone to another iphone. Come on!

All those stuff and they keep claiming they are the best, they are right and others are wrong (remember when they said best screen size is 4.2" or something? Something about 5" or 5.5" is DoA).

I thought I've finished typing, but then it strikes me again: remember the antenna fiasco? Yea apple is not wrong, it's you customers who are not holding the phone correctly!
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I don't know why the iPhone hate. They're good devices.
I like what I see better than Android.
We're about to make the jump. My husband has been handed an iPhone for work now that they've moved his branch of the military to iPhones and they work. I've been looking at the App Store and they've got all the apps all our families have and I can't get on this stupid phone.
We're switching over this weekend.
Thus will get me kicked out of here but it's the truth.
It won't get you kicked out of here, Cassie. But why would you want to stay since this site has a definite BlackBerry orientation. You may find that you want to interact with those of like persuasion when it comes to how to utilize your iPhones to the max. We don't know how to do that.

You can stay and interact with UTB members. No harm in that. But I think the conversation won't be geared toward your interest as far as a device is concerned.

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We all have a choice in what phone we want to spend our money on.
Problem for me, if iPhone is the only smartphone choice, I'll go back to a basic flip phone.
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