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How to maximize your Android
Hello, I ran across this article earlier today and other than the last portion on 'Rooting' I found it to be very helpful.
If you have any other tips or tricks please feel free to add them.

How to Optimize Your Android Smartphone and Get the Best Performance
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A dev friend of mine has the OnePlus phone. He loves that he can put the cyanagen OS on it and that the makers of the OS update it monthly.

A lot of great suggestions in the article! Thanks for sharing.

Can't root a Priv, but you can customize. You can use other launchers than the BlackBerry one. I really like Nova Prime. Gives me some gestures that the BlackBerry Launcher doesn't. I also downloaded a custom icon set I really like. Feels like I am back in the custom theme days of BBOS!

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(21-09-2016, 04:00 PM)razrrob Wrote: smells like spam

Definitely not spam
True dat, not gonna get spam from Rob.
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