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Will You Get The PS4 Pro ?
I'm curious to know if any of you are planning on getting the PS4 Pro. I will for sure.
No, I never play games.
Maybe Spider Solitaire.
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I'm a PC Gamer :p so nope, I'm not going to buy Playstation 4 Pro
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Nope. Gave up gaming a few years ago.

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I'm with Fayzul. PC gamer all the way.
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I got the PS4 Pro on Thursday morning, when it first went on sale in Canada. Given that I've been using a 2008 PS3, the PS4 Pro is an enormous improvement. :-D

The most important improvements for me are the improved framerates, the responsiveness of the controllers (no lag) and the ability to download and install multiple updates in parallel.

The low framerate and controller lag of the PS3 when playing Battlefield 4 (BF4) was a huge issue for me. The controller acted as though it had a low resolution. When my crosshairs were just to the right of the target, I would move the joystick ever so slightly to the left and the crosshairs would jump over the target to just left of the target. Adjusting the sensitivity didn't solve the problem. It was very frustrating. The controller movement of the PS4 Pro is very smooth. I'm loving it, but it still takes time to get used to.

Many times when playing BF4, the frame rate would drop to well below 30fps, and sometimes to single digits for a few seconds. It's hard to track an enemy when that happens. :-)

I noticed that the BF4 matches have twice as many players in them. On the PS3, BF4 limited matches to 24 players per match, surely because the PS3 wasn't powerful enough to handle more than that. On the PS4 Pro, it's capped at 64 players. The drawback is that of that is that you don't last too long in small maps. :-)

The ability to play music in the background while playing games is really welcome too.

The one thing that is actually worse than on the PS3 is the DLNA support. My PS3 had no problems playing the songs on my Passport, but the PS4 Pro keeps saying there are no playable files on the Passport. It does connect to the Passport, and navigate to the Music folder, but it doesn't seem to find any music. :-( I hope Sony fixes that soon.
I restarted everything, and now the DLNA works with my Passport. Shrug.
BTW, it supports hi-res audio too, including 192KHz/24 bit FLAC. I haven't tried higher resolutions.
I wish I was halfway decent at video games. Lol

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I'm a PC gamer at heart. Husband prefers the console. We just bought a PS4 a couple months ago, though, so no Pro for us. :(

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