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bPod podcast app is now free
But hey... go sub to our podcasts after downloading bPod

My rss:


Mike and Brad:

There. No excuses :D
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You go girl! :)
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I use this for my podcasts. I use it a few times a week and like it alot. I am hoping that with the focus being on Android, we will see a kick ***** version available soon.
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(25-08-2016, 01:19 AM)Jope28 Wrote: Well, I gave up on trying to subscribe to UTBBLOGS podcast ages ago.
I could never find it when searching in bPod, so I just usually go through the 'hassle' of using the CacheTube app to cache the UTB episode when available and listen to it on the commute or while jogging.

So many good podcasts, so little time.
Some weeks, I just ignore all podcasts to give my PaperWhite some attention and vice versa lol.

Darn work and responsibilities take up valuable time that should be spent reading or listening to podcasts!
They're now in bPod.

Search UTB and you'll find all four of our series.

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