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Neat Shortcut Feature
So many of us know about the shortcuts on the PKB devices, I'm sure there are many posts in here on them. I just realized that when using the "P" for previous page in the BB10 Web browser, you are not only brought to the previous page, you're brought to the exact spot you were on in the previous page.

I realized this as I tend to surf our forums using the mobile Web. I love using "B" for bottom and "T" for top of the individual threads. I was looking at a thread and someone's particular comment and clicked at the top for another section of the forum. When I hit the "P" button to go back, I was presented with he very comment I was looking at. Very cool!

I've been using BB10 since it came out and am still finding out neat things about the OS.
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Yep. Quite common. :)
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Love it!
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I found out about it just few months ago...

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