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Antivirus for PRIV
I was wondering if the PRIV needs to have or should have an anti-virus program installed on it? What made me think of that is when I was re-installing the OS, drivers, and software on my former work laptop, now personal laptop, my ISP offers Internet security for mobile devices too. I have never had an anti-virus on my handheld devices, primarily because I use BlackBerry devices. Does anyone know if I should be installing anti-virus on my wife’s PRIV?
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I'm happy enough with DTEK pretty much does same job

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Coming from Android, I use to have AV on my Android devices before. It's more of a pain in the A than a help, to be honest.
I have Lookout on my Priv. Not sure how it got there. It could have been preloaded or may have carried over from one of my previous Tabs. Hate how Android does that.

I just had to go look and see if I had something. Lol

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I gotz nuthin'.
Maybe I'm lucky, or maybe I'm careful, all I know is I've never needed AV on any mobile device and I don't want to bog it down with bloatware.
Not going to start on my Priv.
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Thanks for the feedback guys!
I have lookout available as well. Have not installed it. My dtek says I'm secure. I can't get any greener!

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I know Chap uses AVG Free, he's recommended it to me but I haven't installed it as yet
I haven't found a need as of yet, I give my trust in DTEK, even though I know it isn't the same thing as an AV
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My ISP is offering two free licenses which could be for tablet, computer, or phone. Obviously I'll have the computer on it (Win7), but not sure what to do with the other. Should I put it on my wife's Priv or on my ***** Samsung tablet that's stuck on 4.4? Decisions, decisions.

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