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BB10 Apps We'd Like To See
Let developers know which BB10 apps you would like them to develop. Reply to this post with the list of apps you'd like developers to develop for BB10. It could be original apps, or apps that are available on other platforms.

Here are mine (obviously, I want them all to be native BB10 apps):

1. video player that allows you to easily play videos in slow motion - using StoryMaker is cumbersome for this.
2. chess puzzles
3. anagram game
4. simple stocks app. I use my stocks app to do 4 things: check the prices of my stocks, check the latest news related to those companies, see how much my holdings for each stock has gained/lost since I bought them, check their charts.

5. A printer app that doesn't require a server. The ones I've come across in BBW require access to your location, which BS.

6. BlackBerry Hater Zapper. An app that detects that the user is hating on BlackBerry, and zaps the user by redirecting the battery power to the metal sides of the phone, thus zapping the user. Actually, this should be built into BB10.
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I would like to see a decent tasks app. It should integrate with the existing Remember app. It should allow you to sort out what's due today (or whatever time frame you want) and nothing else. In other words, don't show my past due items or what I need to do next week, just what's due NOW. Also allow me to search within that timeframe (ie: a nested search). If my ancient Palm device could do that, certainly my BlackBerry can.
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Stock Quote is best stock app I've found, Android though. Wrote Dev ages ago to request a native BlackBerry version.
Unfortunately, no reply.
So a good stock app is one I agree about.
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I like #6 for the fake fans.. LOL
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Also a decent calculator
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I'd like the old Scrapbook app from the Playbook. Just port it over I'd be happy.

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(21-07-2016, 10:29 PM)DickLewis13 Wrote: Also a decent calculator

What don't you like about the built-in calculator ?
I use one that is quite a bit nicer than the default calculator. I don't dislike native, just have found some I like better.
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I'd pay $20 a month for #6, I'm fairly certain I'd get my money's worth. First on my list would be all of the haters over at the orange site. Heck I'd pay $50 a month for it.
BlackBerry 10 

#6 is not likely, but a good idea.  Tounge
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