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Blackberry 10 devs
Are you support BlackBerry developers who also develop for android?

Like Marco Gallo and emberify

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Definitely. I think this is great. I'd love to know how their apps are doing in terms of downloads between both platforms.

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I know that snap2share and recall are coming to priv

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Familiar with the names, but I support BlackBerry Devs. Just don't use but a few apps regularly.
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I would much prefer to support Devs who support BB10. So, yeah on my tablet, I'd support them and for my wife on her Priv, I'd nudge her that way. I already have with the sport tracker app. I use Casca Run on my Z30 and got her to download Mee Run for her Priv. Same developer, both are great apps.
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Definitely I was glad to fix it

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