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5G and BlackBerry
(17-07-2016, 05:48 AM)DickLewis13 Wrote: Sorry, wrong. XLTE is twice the speed.
Twice as fast because their regular LTE is over capacity.,2817,2458251,00.asp

It's not new tech, it's just new bandwidth. Exactly how AT&T fibbed about 4G that wasn't really 4G

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(17-07-2016, 10:09 PM)mscloutier Wrote: This will be a good thing for BlackBerry's QNX and IoT

QNX was designed for higher and larger bandwidth... 5G/6G, however you may want to call it. :-)
I think we should be more concerned about the compatibility with ancient and crippled OSes
Ninja, I'm not worried about that. I use BB10. :)
(22-07-2016, 02:42 AM)Schmurf. Wrote: Ninja, I'm not worried about that. I use BB10. :)

Ninja is worried about the CrapDroids and the iCraps..LOL

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