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Wheel of Time Cast
Hi all,

Not sure how well this one will go down, but you may have read on Geek a few weeks back that popular fantasy series The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan has been given the green light to be made into a TV series.  Around the various fan sites there are cast discussion threads.  So who do you think should be cast in the roles of the main characters?  Happy to limit discussion to The Eye of the World, The Great Hunt and The Dragon Reborn to start as this TV series looks to be a long running series if it get's the appropriate ratings.  It can be expanded as things grow.
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I have not been able to finish the first book so far... have tried several times... maybe I'll try again... I've read several bad books this year... so maybe I can finish The Eye of the World this time round...

I hope the tv series won't be cut short like Legend of the Seeker (Based on the Sword of Truth series). Too many of that nowadays...

Sorry CC... my rant not on topic :-) I'm not qualified to suggest cast since I've not finished the books yet...
Im not familiar with it at all. I did some search. Some network actually made a pilot episode title Winter Dragon. It's not well made. May have ruin my impression of the story. Lol!
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