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Back on the Classic
I am lebanese :) hehe. My wife had that the gold edition of the Q10 came out in Dubai, New York and Moscow. I have a brand new Passport (Black) made in Mexico but it costs me apprx. 700 USD but it's worth it, back stock from 2015 came with a 2 year guarantee. I only use it when I am working, needs to be put in the breast pocket - not a phone a person can put in their pocket. Cheers!

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Ps I bought spare batteries for both the passport and classic from a co in berlin called subtel they delivered them via DHL so when the old battery runs out I can have them replaced. Mankind jumped 500 years in apprx. 20 with the public use of internet and now smartphones but regardless of what people say there is no where to go the next 25 years phones will remain the same since iphone 3 its been the same interface addendum a retina scan or fingerprint which is just mickey mouse if you ask me, but technology wise Nokia E71 was on the same level as we are today. Same software new package - I think Blackberry 10 can be used for another 10 years. Could be wrong but my opinion and I read up a lot on tech issues.

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