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Back on the Classic
(20-04-2017, 08:56 PM)SimpleBerryRoy Wrote: The Passport is still my best smartphone accusation

I would definitely have one if Verizon wasn't such an idiot.
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Just admit it, Wayno, you have a Passport addiction. Good news is, it is controllable since the only version you don't have is the rounded corner AT&T version. Once you purchase the AT&T model, your collection will be complete. And you are going to purchase an AT&T model aren't you?

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Wayno have the Best Passport collection
(20-04-2017, 09:14 PM)SimpleBerryRoy Wrote: Wayno have the Best Passport collection

Thanks Roy, just missing a Gold edition
Wasn't there a platinum edition encrusted with diamonds? ?

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Back on topic.
I've been looking for another Classic, have to justify the expense.
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Been watching a Blue Classic on ebay for $80 but it has a cracked screen. Can't find a blue replacement screen for it, thought of putting a black one on but just not the same. It's been relished three times but if price drops I'll consider it
I believe BlackJack has a brown Classic as a backup. I thought the brown one was the coolest.
Via BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 or Z30 or Classic on or BB Playbook
I have the classic as a daily driver the passport is the work phone. Classic is basically a Q10 in stainless steel, excellent phone but does have limitations - you cannot push the software to outer limits like with the passport. There has to be a kind of rationality to a productive daily use without spamming the memory with video, games and music. Classic is a work phone emails and bbm, whatsapp and calls is where it's at its best - brown is nice but blue is the king, I have Black which is conservative but not as elegant as blue or white!

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I'm still using my Passport. It's the second one and I call it the Klingon Edition as it has alternate characters on the keys (in orange) that look like they could be something like Klingon. I believe it's probably Arabic characters (no offense, they are just so unfamiliar).

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