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When was the UTB site redesigned?
I have not visited the UTB Blogs website from my laptop in a while, so, today, I decided to, only to be greeted by a newly designed website on my PC. It has a fresh look, is simple and obviously an upgrade from the previous one, whose look I cannot remember, due to using apps so much. So, when was the redesign done? I would like it to be a lot better, but then, that would cost a load of money. Well done!
Lol! You're quick Sipo. Robert flipped the switch like less than an hour ago. Still some tweaks to be made, but this is pretty close. :)

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Looks awesome so far!
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Just my lucky day. I have noticed the new look on my mobile devices as well, the Z30 and original, black Passport.
Yes, this design is much more mobile friendly. :)

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Thumbs up!
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I checked out the site about 20 minutes ago. Very nice. It shows up great on my Passport and on Firefox on my laptop. Great job !
Love the new design. Credit to Robert, Brad and anyone else involved, great work!!
Now we just need to nag Jon to freshen up the mobile app ;)
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Looks great so far, good job!

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