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Priv home screen
(27-02-2017, 07:56 AM)ClarkAaron27 Wrote: Thanks Wayno. Hey I have a question after the show every Friday night how do I join the chat afterwards?

#Blackberry #Priv

You will have to ask Brad about that. Why not join our blogcast as a guest?
Current home screen, using Whicons icon pack and a wallpaper included in the icon pack. BlackBerry Launcer.

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My Priv, really like this Phone, it's my Daily driver but I use my Z10 for work so I don't take a chance on breaking my Priv. I have several Z10 'a so I take one to work

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Found this one.

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What I like about Nova Launcher is I can remove the dots that indicate which page you are on and also not have any icons or widgets in order to have a clean home screen. This way I can see all of the incredible Agent Carter. Loved that show. Hated that they canceled it. İmage

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Have you ever seen a more beautiful home screen? Makes my heart soar like an eagle. İmage

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