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What BlackBerry is your current daily driver?
Still Priv also, but doing a lot of looking around.
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy
I still use my Passport, Klingon Edition.
I would love to see your keyboard. Maybe post a pick of this Klinger masterpiece?

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Here you go!

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Passport with the rounded corners is still the device of choice.
Does what I need it to do and does a great job.
BB10 with the big 'ol screen works well.
Best of all, it isn't iOS or Android lol.

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Passport (original) with all its dents and bruises, because BlackBerry hasn't given me a better choice and BlackBerry Mobile cannot.
I just brought my Classic out of retirement after my LG bit the dirt. Hello, old friend.

I had almost forgotten how good the phone and os really is. I'm thinking about picking up a Priv but am really in no hurry.
Still running my second Passport with the Klingon keyboard.
I'm typing this on my Priv via WiFi, but my SIM is in my Classic.

If you can believe this irony of ironys, I am a BB10 user due to app availablity! Bwahaha! Crazy, but I have a ton of important data on BB10 through my favorite organizer app, Viira, and the Android version of Viira isn't as robust.

A lengthy search of other apps in the PlayStore has yielded only one viable result for my needs; Pocket Informant. I am in the process of evaluating whether I'll be able to safely get all my data over to my Priv.

I had my SIM in my Priv for many months and was carrying my Classic merely for files and the Viira app and recently switched and am very happy with my Classic. The HUB on BB10 works amazingly well and the OS is fluid and smooth. I love the hardkeys on the toolbelt and am convinced the Classic (with BB10) is the best productivity and communications mobile device ever made.

I am a little sick of carrying two devices though, so I'm checking into how to get my data safely onto my Priv.
Via BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 or Z30 or Classic on or BB Playbook

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