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What's the one app you use everyday and could not get by without?
(19-04-2016, 06:42 AM)BB4tw Wrote: An OS is a collection of apps by definition so in a way we are both right.

I draw the line by long pressing an icon. If it is available for deletion then I label it an app. If not, it is part of the OS.

That's my definition anyway.

I am in no way diminishing the usefulness of BBM or any of the other mentioned apps, OS functions, what have you.

If we are using the broadest definition of app then I would have to say that Hub is the number one app for me, followed closely by BBM and Browser.

Well said BB4tw. Nice definition of an "app." Sometimes though, you longpress an icon and cannot delete it, as in the case of Amazon when you have the Verizon OS version. Amazon is definitely an app, so I don't know where that leaves your definition. Also, how does it fit in if there is an entire category of apps in BBWorld even though the native "app" is not deletable? For instance, Remember is not deletable, but there is a slew of task and note managers in BBWorld. Thus, it's hard not to consider Remember an "app."

I totally agree with you about the HUB. I see it as an app though. What do you think about my comments?
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