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What's the one app you use everyday and could not get by without?
What's the one app you use everyday and could not get by without?

For mysel‎f the answer is easy, BBM!
BlackBerry 10 

BBM app and UTB app, hands down.
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Now I'm involved with UTB I use several. BBM, UTB, Clipman, Wordpress. I also play Fury Road 3D racing once a day. The rest are all browser shortcuts saved to home screen such as UTB, BBM Channels, banking app etc. Passport is getting a severe workout these days
BBM is the clear winner by far! It is an awesome communication tool /app. -Speedie20
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BBM ofcourse. But I use all the native apps most. Remember, calendar, password keeper, browser, etc.
Agree. Has to be BBM first!

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For me, it's Viira mobile organizer. Use it constantly, every day.
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BBM first and is my only social media baked in app. Then UTB second.
A very rare post to echo my channel comment:

Bridge (with Hub2Watch), so I can get notifications on my Pebble. My apps like BBM, BlackBullet, email, calendar etc are all very good, but having notifications pushed to my watch is fantastic.

With it also allowing watchapps to work as well, it really helps streamline my whole day.
I've got three apps thats always on my active frame. Calendar, Remember and My Accountant.
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