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Leap Running Android
That's true for consumers, but not enterprises.
I think the rest of the smartphone users are the ones that should smell coffee and wake up.
They don't realize what they're missing...BlackBerry 10 is the future, iOS and Android are dated and limited.
BlackBerry 10 

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(05-04-2016, 04:59 AM)bartron Wrote: I can see BlackBerry releasing an Android version of the Leap or something similar. It will be mostly as a fleet phone for enterprises, since it will be more secure than all other Android phones out there, and consumers generally don't care about security but enterprises do.

Another reason why I think they'll release an Android Leap is that after the ER, Chen admitted that pricing was an issue this quarter and that the premium end of the market is soft. That's also why I'm expecting BlackBerry to cut the prices of the Priv and the Passport soon. In fact, the current sale price of the Passport might just become the permanent price, like what they  did with the Leap last year.

Do you think will/should release an Android version of the Leap or something similar ?

Totally agreed with your.
Thank you for your sharing. Thanks to this article I can learn more things. Expand your knowledge and abilities. Actually the article is very practical. Thank you!
color switch
I am using the browser and saving to home screen more and more rather than use apps. I will often download the Android app and try it, then see what the browser experience is. I use the one with the most benefit. It is surprising how many times the browser experience is quicker than the app.

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