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Is it still worth it to buy a new Z10 nowadays?
(16-02-2016, 05:01 PM)SipoKapumba Wrote: Did your battery last the whole day on a single charge, or, you needed to top it up or use a spare battery?

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Actually my Z10 usually made it through most days. At one point in my family, we had 4 Z10's used as daily drivers. The only one who could not make thru the day was my oldest son, which I would classify him as a true power user and abuser of his BlackBerry.

 I find the biggest drain on my battery to be poor cell connection. Luckily with my cell provider, they have great LTE coverage in my province. That's correct, I always leave LTE, NFC and data turned on. I did experiment with only using slower/ lesser cell bands, if anything it only slowed my phone down, I never noticed any battery savings. As far as NFC goes, it only uses battery when it's actually used, not when it's in standby mode, unlike Bluetooth which does use some battery in standby mode.

And yes, I do use my phone throughout the day for a variety of things, including BBM, emails, UTB Blogs, twitter, phone calls and surfing the web...
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