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Is it still worth it to buy a new Z10 nowadays?
(15-02-2016, 09:59 AM)Fayzul Wrote: At the same shop that sells the new Z10 also sells 2nd hand Z30 for about the same price. I used to own a Z10 STL-001 (the 3G version) and I love it except for the battery of course. But I'm currently using a Passport so probably I can use the Passport as a power bank :p

I also used to own a Z30 and I really don't like the amoled screen. Actually it literally hurts my eyes... but I loved the speakers... better than Passport's speakers...

Seeing both at about the same price, albeit one new and the other not, I'm not sure which is better to buy nowadays...

Buy them both. Problem solved! LOL

BlackBerry’s amoled screen doesn't hurt my eyes even with prolonged usage.

iProducts usually hurt my eyes. Oh I dislike their screens alot!
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