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Is it still worth it to buy a new Z10 nowadays?
(19-02-2016, 03:51 PM)veeru789 Wrote: i guess the STL100-1 model which was launched in Inida was 3g only. the Z3 definitely was 3G only. i had both.
STL 100-1 was 3G.

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Whenever you evaluate the worth of a BlackBerry (Besides the Priv), you have to consider BB10. For me, the Z10 is the best slab on the market besides the Z30, merely because it runs BB10. It's definitely under powered, but does offer a great form factor. The LCD screen is different than the AMOLED of the Z30 and Classic, but that is personal preference.

If you get the Z10, get TWO charger bundles if you're a heavy user. I love the replaceable battery and the charger bundle as a power management strategy.

So my 2 cents is the Z10 is definitely still worth a buy. For me, I can't even imagine loading my data and information contacts or trusting my location with iOS or Android. (I assume BlackBerry's Android is better).
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Fayzul, a Z10 is still a very good phone for light or medium usage -- it's a smartphone, not a laptop replacement. I use it as my backup device (my Passport is my daily driver) and I love the feel of it. I don't know if that's a good price or not, but I can tell you that a Z10 is still worth having.
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I'm not sure I follow the "under powered" statement. The Z10's processor is only slightly slower than that of the Q10 and the Classic and I believe it's on par with that of the Leap. In some respects, it is still better than the Leap.

Back when I had both a Z and Q 10 to switch back and forth between, I couldn't tell any difference from a useage standpoint.

Of course, if the under powered comment was directed at the battery then I would have to agree. Z10 is poor on battery life when compared to other BlackBerry phones but it's still better than many android and iphone models that are still in use.
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Agree, never thought the Z10 was under powered, just. Needed more mAh. :)
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Yeah, me too. It just needs more mAh on the battery department. But over all it's better than most iCraps and crApDroids.
the STL100-1 model wasnt great.
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Understatement ^^^^^^
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(26-02-2016, 06:56 AM)HYMAN Wrote: Yeah, me too. It just needs more mAh on the battery department. But over all it's better than most iCraps and crApDroids.

"over all it's better than most iCraps and crApDroids"

This ^^^
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(26-02-2016, 12:27 PM)veeru789 Wrote: the STL100-1 model wasnt great.

The STL100-1 was BlackBerry's attempt at trying to dummy down a BB device to an iPhone level. Tounge
It simply can't be done...
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