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I have to Rant
I'm using the lounge for a quick rant so I hope my fellow UTBer's don't mind.... here it goes..

Currently on the following devices are for sale: The Sexy Edition Passport, Passport, Z30, P'9983, Classic, Leap and lastly The Priv. That's an awful lot of Blackberry 10 devices and 1 Androidish device. That tells me that I have at Minimum 2 yrs + with BB10 OS and ALL of its goodness. So, why claim a superior OS as dead? I have and will call people Trolls who continue to claim the OS is dead. BECAUSE THEY DONT KNOW ANYTHING.

Some claim to be developers....well if your a developer you should know that a flashlight app is useless on BB10 because it's baked into the OS (I'm just using this as an example).I have not received an email from Blackberry telling me that I will no longer be able to use BB10 and I better hurry and buy something else.

Blackberry is still selling BB10 devices.I have not heard a press release from John Chen claiming BB10 is dead so therefore I'm going to enjoy BB10 and all it has to offer. Blackberry is one of the few companies in this world that has not broken my trust. They didn't start out as a company with data mining on the agenda,in fact they looked out for me by addressing my privacy concerns.

They are not a bunch of 3rd party developers interested in raping my data in order to make a quick buck. They did not start out as a company with a "no evil " policy and then turn into the DEVIL. They don't force me to use a cloud only to have some kind of data breach where my pictures are out in the open. They never ask me for a fingerprint or a algorithm that measures my fingerprint and then stores it on God knows who's server. Someone the other day tried converting me back to Android ( a non Priv variety) and I declined for obvious reasons. It would be like taking a step backwards rather than "oh, it just does things differently." Differently is code for non- private completely dysfunctional OS. What is someone's motive for trying to convert me? Is it that they truly believe the other OS is better? Are they Butthurt from a past experience? Do they own stock in Google or Apple? Are they trying to make their developer buddies money by asking me to use an App launcher so that I become App dependent?

Doesn't matter, I've been on the Apple and Google train before and they really have not evolved that much in the last 3 yrs and they don't have my privacy or best interests in mind for that matter. I would /will try a Priv at some point because it's Blackberry, but it won't be my DD until it has a native file manager that I can encrypt.

Thanks for allowing me to rant.
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Fishlove, I hear you, especially on the dev issues. We have some great devs writing BB10 apps, but others have tier heads somewhere dark and warm. My company outsourced the production of an app for our conference and they said it would only work for the Z10 and Q10. WTF?? Seriously? They had no clue and yet were trying to sell my company that they couldn't test it om more recent devices, nor realize that Z10 would work on Z30 and that Q10 would work on Classic and Passport. The worst part is that the people at my company believed them.
Thanks for acknowledging my rant Schmurf. Sorry to hear about that. The other thing that I forgot to mention is that I'm still getting really cool and useful Apps from my little ladybug Betazone App...and there are still developers contributing good apps to BB10.
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i understand your frustration Fishlove. i hate to listen to all the stupid people who claim BB10 is dead. i dont care as long as my passport is functional. i can see the passport being more than useful for at least another year or two without any updates. imagine with updates, it could last another 3-4 years minimum.
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Love the rant fishlove. I hear you about the OS being dead. As long as there's a BlackBerry, and I believe I called them safe, there'll be the nuts and bolts of BB10 (whatever it ends up being called).

Blessed assurance that we don't need to worry about what the naysayers say.
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The iDiots have been claiming the death of BB10 since it was released. It's still here, so I just ignore the morons.
Nice rant, fishlove.
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This is why I love UTB, true BlackBerry fans that get it! Bravo fishlove73!!

BlackBerry 10, there is nothing else that compares!
BlackBerry 10 

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Good ranting FishLove. :-)
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