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The amazing efficiency and Productivity of the Priv
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(10-02-2016, 03:52 PM)ray689 Wrote: Bring what down? Every post in here has been discussion with the exception of nik. Ironic that I'm accused of being defensive as you type a huge post defending your position. Like I said, what I'm talking about as misconceptions are common throughout the BlackBerry community and I wasn't speaking about you specifically Brad. That orange site is full of people saying clutter, multitasking etc without any explanation as to what they even mean.
And yes I do agree that BB10 with full support would be a great solution but like you said it won't happen. Time will tell how all this plays out but if BlackBerry is in the handset business then I trust whatever they do will be top notch.
The tone of your post did sound like that. but since we cleared the air, i understand your points. especially since you are working in the google apps ecosystem. 3rd party apps are good and important. so is security. also its only a few apps that dont work. none of my friends or family use snap chat. most of the apps they need seem to be working smooth via snap or amazon. no matter how much BlackBerry tries, they can never make android as secured as BB10. two simple reasons; android isnt built that way. and two, google wont let it.

Brad summed it up well and i agree with this 100% >>
"I think it's really quite simple, if you have a need for apps that BlackBerry 10 does not have access to, of course the Priv will be more "efficient" for you. Having to patch apps, or use apps that aren't working properly are of course things that will impede your efficiency. However, for someone like me (and obviously Nik lol) who has no issues with apps, using Android is a step back in efficiency. "

on a seperate note, i use office 365 and there is no match for Excel and word. Google docs is a joke if you ask me. especially for modelling. but i guess its either free or they gave a really good deal to your company.
something wrong with the forums today.
(10-02-2016, 05:07 PM)veeru789 Wrote: something wrong with the forums today.
Yeah. I'm seeing double posts. I'm going to try to clean those up. Lol

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Double posts cleared up. Think that the spinning for minutes caused the problem.
Back on topic. Enjoy your Priv.
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BlackBerry is doing all it can to be innovative and who would have ever thought that Android could be made reasonably secure? Yet BlackBerry has done it. As they continue working on it, they will make it more BB10 like, I hope, while still keeping it Android like. Hopefully the best of both worlds.

For me, I am very happy with my Original Passport and BB10. I have had it since spring of last year, I think, so I am not looking for a new phone for a while.

I appreciate the OP's post and the passion of those who love BB10. I also love UTB that people can discuss their views and come to an understanding that we all are in BlackBerry's corner. We may have some differing observations, but in the end we all agree that BlackBerry has the best phones, the best native OS and the best Android version on the market.
And the good news is, BlackBerry let's us choose.

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(11-02-2016, 01:53 AM)ray689 Wrote: Fair points Veeru and trust me if it was up to me I would be using excel instead also.. although you can now open all google docs as excel sheet if you need to so its decent that way. The security thing on an OS level when comparing android and BB10 as they were is of course not the same. BB10 is much more of a secure OS. But saying that Google won't allow it could be also true but its not as if all the people who use Facebook, Twitter, Whatspp, Igran, Wine, and so on on BB10 don't have the same issue. I'm sure the response to that will be permissions which is of course accurate but shortly BlackBerry will have that ability on their Android devices as well. So along with their work they have done with the kernel, encryption and so on, they will be right were they and those who are concerned about Google and app permission want to be. Is it up to par with BB10, likely not. Are they working to get it there and get more certifications beyond the FIPS 140-2 certified BlackBerry encryption, they already have secured for it? Most Likely and time will tell.
Has it received FIPS 140-2 certification already? I've been waiting for that. Am I that far out of the loop? You've got me searching for it now and all I can find is same info from release where it uses 'FIPS 140-2 compliant full disc encryption'. I'd love to see security certs start rolling in for Priv. I think we need them before the cheaper Vienna rolls out if we want to see it picked up as a fleet phone.

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Ray, the biggest problem with Google and Apple is not that it cannot be secured. if something is redesigned from ground up it can always be secured. ok BBRY might have the know how to do it in a better way but atleast iOS and Android can be made better. But the problem is they dont want it to. they need the back doors to mine data. whats GOOG's business plan. they give away everything for free. how do they make money? its data minig. and once a back door is installed, its accessible for the good and the bad.
Everyone who knows me understands what I think about Google and their invasive apps, so it was with much trepidation and extreme curiosity that I picked up the Priv.
I don't and I won't use Gdocs but I get what Ray is saying. I have found a less and/or non-intrusive alternative to all of the Google apps except Youtube, just can't give that up.
It's a tradeoff depending on your individual use case. On one hand you have what is IMHO the superior OS that is BB10. The multitasking/peek/flow/share/blend/RFA along with lots of built-in apps is fantastic!
On the other hand you have more native apps on the Priv. We use Onenote a lot at work and using it on BB10 is like watching paint dry. Like Ray I'd rather wait to get back to my laptop. The other android apps I need are also much zippier on Priv as well.
So for me, and my use case I can pretty much go either way and there's a tradeoff either way. The scale is balanced.
I love my Z30 and Passport, and I have found a way to embrace the Priv for what it is as well.
There's room for both in my world and in here.
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