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The amazing efficiency and Productivity of the Priv
You were forced for work and therefore trying to convince anyone who will listen including yourself

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As a person who doesn't have a dog in this fight, I do not take offense at what the OP shared. I have gone to AT&T and tried out the Priv. I also recognize that trying one out is nothing like owning one. But to say that BlackBerry has created a productive rendition of Android is not something to take issue with. BlackBerry understands productivity and has taken the basic Android OS and has brought some of its BB10 productivity to it.

Now it has to also be recognized that the OS is different from what we are used to on BB10. It takes a while for people to get adjusted to a new OS and to learn the unique ways that OS platform gets things done. A few months certainly could go a long ways to altering one's perception.

We do know that there are some updates coming to BB10. We also know that none of the BB10 phones has been a runaway success to bring in enough profit to make the handset division really profitable. We do know that the Priv was released to increase handset sales. How much that has been a success we will not know until the next earnings report. But to negate the Priv just because it is Android is to say to BlackBerry, "Keep doing what you have been doing to little success and hope that things will get better." that seems to be an inane way to think.

I want BB10 to continue, but it may be that going forward the handsets BlackBerry makes are Androids with BlackBerry running thru them. I don't know for sure, but it is a possibility, especially if we look beyond this year.

I am glad the OP has found ways to make it work for him. In some cases, some things might actually work better. I am not threatened or offended by that. I want to hear how people are doing with the Priv, what they are doing to make the experience better and what they think BlackBerry needs to do going forward to improve the experience.

I am invested in BlackBerry and want them to succeed. We need them for security and we need them to keep both Google and Android honest. I get the love people have for BB10. I love it as well. But my hope going forward is that BlackBerry can make Android be even more BB10 like so that we can have our cake and eat it too! The best of both platforms morphed into one device.

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Thanks newcollector. I believe you articulated that much better then I could have.
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NC, that was a great summary, thanks for that and I agree with you 100%
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Ray, i understand why Andorid works for you better. its the google docs and other stuff you mentioned. As far as Android and UTB, im not sure if you are following the blog, but UTB has been saying its the best android. no ones is dismissing Priv. TBH, your post came across as unnecessarily defensive. i personally use android my self and am just not convinced with the OS. Be it the UI or the security features. i prefer BB10. Thats my opinion.
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Ray, sorry, i thought you meant UTB. and like i said, i do use android everyday. i know the HUB is a great addition to android. but there are other important things that we always loved about BlackBerry. native functionality vs third party apps, invocation frame work and multi tasking, Blend and RFA, and most importantly security. like i said before i dont mind getting a priv. but i will only use it as a second phone. not as my DD. also for me personally jestures are so much better.
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Wow, this thread feels a little like it should be taking place at that orange place. Bring it down a bit guys. To be clear, UTB promotes BlackBerry. BB10 is BlackBerry, and Priv is BlackBerry. Of course we're all going to have our preferences, and we shouldn't be defensive if someone prefers BB10 or Priv or vice versa. I obviously prefer BB10. I don't think I've been close minded. I think I've been fairly quiet publicly about my frustrations with the android OS since BlackBerry has released the Priv. But I do want to provide another side to Ray's point.

"I know there are some misconception out there about the Priv and its level of productivity and efficiency in comparison to BB10. I know the word "Cluttered" gets thrown around a lot without any real explanation as to what is meant by it. I'm sure Android at one point was but it has come a long way for those who haven't taken the time to actually learn it now and only have the perception of clutter from what they hear or what they used in the past. "

I've used Android for years. This isn't my first dip in to the OS. I've always had an Android tab of one type or another, so Android is nothing new to me. At the same time, because of my experience with Android tabs, I never wanted to give Android a try as my primary device. Android IS cluttered. It just is. lol. Even after alot of use, I find myself spending alot of time looking for things. Now BlackBerry has made this much better with the hub. A crazy amount better. I'm not spending time searching for messaging thank God. To me, and the way I use my phones, the actual messaging is the most important part. And one of my biggest complaints about Android is that messaging gets lost among all the clutter of app updates, screwy notifications, etc. BlackBerry has done an amazing job of fixing my biggest complaint. This is why I say BlackBerry android is usable for me. If I was forced to use Android as a daily driver, I could use the Priv, whereas I wouldn't be able to use another OEM's device. This is because of the hub.

"I have come to realize that the level of productivity with my job has actually improved vastly with the Priv. I know a lot of feel talk about the lack of "peek" as something they can't do without. "

I don't use peak on BB10. It's one of those things I'll show people, but I really don't use it. What I do use is gestures. Again, this is something that BlackBerry has done amazingly with. Even though there's really no gestures in Android, it's still jab, jab, jab, BlackBerry has duplicated the gesture we use in BB10 to get to hub by defaulting the hub to the right button in the Android Swipe Shortcuts. I've played around with moving things, and really wish we could change out the "Ok Google" for something I would use, but in all honesty, the only swipe shortcut I've ended up using is hub.

Another thing I know a lot of people were concerned about was the share function from within app as not being up to par with BB10. That's simply not true, just as with BB10, I can share from within an app say to BBM and continue on with the conversation right there without having to open BBM just as with BB10. And the ability to share to anything is there (actually can share to more places and apps like Google Drive).

And lastly, my job required the use of Google Drive and Google docs on a daily basis (yes I get the security issues but not my choice). I am now able to respond to emails and attach documents directly from Google drive that may have been shared with me from another office in the company or I created myself. Just did it this morning as I stopped for fuel on my way to work (important as my customer is in Spain and needed a response asap). With my BB10 device, I did not have this ability and would have had to wait till I got to the office to be able to respond and attach the file they requested.

"Lastly, I know some people believe the app switching is just so horrendously slow on the Priv because there isn't a swipe out of the app to get to active frames so you can switch apps. Well BlackBerry thought this one through as well. The square on your device takes you right to open apps which BlackBerry has set up exactly like active frames. In fact some would argue that is actually faster and it doesn't require a swipe to the middle of the screen but rather a push of the square which is situated right where your thumbs are when using your device. And if you need to open a new app that isn't in your active apps window, then the circle does the same thing. So again, app switching is not slow and tedious as some would suggest. In fact, its actually very fast and again, efficient."

This I wholeheartedly disagree with. This has got to be one of the most frustrating aspects for me. Again, it is jab jab jab at home buttons. The open apps is something that has been on android forever. What BlackBerry has done has made them look a bit like active frames, but you can still go in to settings and change it back to how typical Android shows it. BlackBerry has I'm sure done the best they can with the OS, but without gestures, what else can they really do?

"So all in all, the thought of the Priv being "cluttered" and "inefficient" is far from the truth. It is the exact opposite and I would suggest those who haven't tried it and actually took the time to learn it do so before assuming it is cluttered Android of 4 years ago. It is not and BlackBerry has made some very nice additions which ensure top notch productivity sometimes beyond what BB10 is capable of."

I think it's really quite simple, if you have a need for apps that BlackBerry 10 does not have access to, of course the Priv will be more "efficient" for you. Having to patch apps, or use apps that aren't working properly are of course things that will impede your efficiency. However, for someone like me (and obviously Nik lol) who has no issues with apps, using Android is a step back in efficiency.

BlackBerry has given the user a choice, something no one else is doing. And by giving the Android choice, I believe they are also saving the hardware division, which we all want. If we choose to talk about how BB10 is the best mobile OS out there, it shouldn't be taken as an offense to Priv users, after all, it is. By the same token, I believe BlackBerry's version of Android is the best Android out there. It's already surpassed every other version in terms of security (still not rooted!!) and is by far the best in terms of efficiency due to the hub.

I think everyone of us would agree that BB10 with full developer and carrier support would be the absolute best solution. But that didn't happen and isn't going to happen any time soon. BlackBerry thought outside the box to fix their offerings and their future. We're all BlackBerry fans, and can support both.
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