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Deaf in one speaker
Featured on NCIS. Abby did it to dry out a cellphone.

(07-02-2016, 11:54 PM)SipoKapumba Wrote: Does this rice trick really work?

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(08-02-2016, 02:40 AM)DickLewis13 Wrote: Featured on NCIS. Abby did it to dry out a cellphone.
I wish I had left that PS Vita in rice all night. It might have survived.

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*sigh. OS downgrade did not work so it's a confirmed hardware issue. I guess I'm lucky to be such a minor issue all things considered plus I generally use headphones.

I'll start looking around for a replacement mid frame. Thanks for the support. Cherish your Z30's. The (2nd? To Priv) best all touch.
Have you tried running the BBVE? It walks you through a series of tests and might be able to tell you if your speaker is a hardware issue.

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Yes. I used BBVE to confirm that the left (top) speaker is not working.

After looking into what it would take to replace the speaker, it turns out to be more hassle than necessary. The speakers are plastic-welded into the mid frame so I would need to move the parts over into a new frame.

Since the battery is glued tightly to the mid frame as well, it would be better to get a frame with a battery. Finally, while there's just a single, easy to remove motherboard and rear camera, removing the front camera is almost guaranteed to destroy the original housing. I'll just wait until the screen breaks so I can buy a package deal. Hope this doesn't happen...

After taking the device apart to investigate, I've discovered how the other internals were spared. First, the speaker sections are part of the mid frame and mostly isolated from the internal electronics. Even to the outside by virtue of the dust protection fabric.

The left / top speaker, unfortunately, is housed in the same section as the headphone jack. I remember feeling drops coming out of the jack when I flicked / whipped /flung the device back and forth to force any water out so some water must have seeped through the headphone section into the speaker.

DickLewis is right in that I should have let it dry in a desiccant overnight. When I turned it off and popped the back initially, I could see clearly that the water had not made further than just under the speaker grills so I mistakenly assumed that all the points of ingress were not reached. I failed to consider the headphone jack.

My Z30 shall forever bear this wound but I'm only a little bitter because it could have been so much worse.
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Oh wow! The affected top/left speaker has unexpectedly come back to life!

I'm so happy! I don't know how or why, but here I am with my Z30 fully functional again. Yay!
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Dried out naturally, maybe. Sweet.
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Blackberry devices and Z30 in particular are "naturally" built to last. Full stop! :-)
wow! thats amazing.

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