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Apple's Hot-Patching Opens The Door To Malware

Quote:Do you know?… Any iOS app downloaded from Apple’s official App Store has an ability to update itself from any 3rd-party server automatically without your knowledge.

Yes, it is possible, and you could end up downloading malware on your iPhone or iPad.

That's got to be one of the top boneheaded security moves by anybody, let alone Apple. I have no computer security training nor experience, and yet immediately after reading the description of the hot-patching framework, I could see how it could be exploited to install malware on iOS devices. So there's no excuse for any Apple employee who deals with iOS security to not see it. No excuse.
So we don't have Apple and we feel sorry for those that do? :)
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whats with Apple's updates. everytime they make one, they creat a security hole.
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Just Lucky?  Hehe!
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When I read the title of this thread my first thought was...

"The door to malware on apple has never been closed on Apple"
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