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Security Idiot #1
This has got to be the biggest computer security blunder ever.

Oh Snap! Lenovo protects your Security with '12345678' as Hard-Coded Password in SHAREit

"Yes, Lenovo was using one of the most obvious, awful passwords of all time as a hard-coded password in its file sharing software SHAREit that could be exploited by anyone who can guess '12345678' password."

How the hell do people that dumb get jobs ? Unbelievable.
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Here's the URL:
No Lenovo, no Shareit. I always change default password.
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well, at least they did not use 12345678"9" ......LOL
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Maybe there's another meaning to the name ShareIt.. as in share your data because you've been hacked.
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Wow. I have a Lenovo. But don't use Shareit. I use Link and Blend. :)

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(05-02-2016, 01:52 PM)veeru789 Wrote: well, at least they did not use 12345678"9" ......LOL

LOL. True.
Don't have a lenovo and will never use Shareit. How incredibly stupid.

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What a bunch of idiots indeed!
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Was it Sony that had a folder called passwords and stored all the passwords in it?

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