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BlackBerry Stock 2016
BlackBerry stock, the number 1 reason it could crush crApple in 2016.. hmmm..

What do you think about this guys?
The US Stock Market has got to settle down before I get excited. It's killing our IRA's for everyone.
Just checked, BBRY is up for the day so far.
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I don't get excited about stuff like this as I usually diss most analysts projectile. So in staying true to that perspective, I'll just say "let's wait and see". However, I would be quite happy to see that outcome!

if I get the parts in for my crystal ball, we can all go out an but lottery tickets :)
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Well Schmurf... personally I like consulting the local Witch Doctor that lights cool candles and throws chicken bones in the air. But as a back up plan, keep me updated on those parts! :-)
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Covered in many similar threads, I always say I'll wait and see. And I'm the old guy and have less time. :)
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puting aside my BlackBerry bias, i still think BBRY can out perform AAPL for the next year. two simple reasons

1. All the negative has been factored in BBRY and since its trading below book value its a no brainer. also dont forget they are making profit and starting from a low base.
2. AAPL on the other hand had all the good news factored and now is wearing off. its the exact opposite. they peaked. im sure its not the end of AAPL, thats not likely to happen but they sure are not the darling of wall street anymore.
I wouldn't be surprised if BlackBerry's stock did outperform Apple's stock. In fact, there's a good chance it will. AAPL has dropped 21% in the last 2 months.
No way BBRY can "crush" AAPL this year.
That being said, I expect AAPL to decline while BBRY rides an extremely tough rise. There are still too many terrible nasty shorts.
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Shorts can get squeezed with one good news.
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I think for those buying BB shares, they need to think long term. CEO Chen is diversifying BlackBerry's operations and expanding its role as a software and services company. It may not be reflected in the stock value right now, but I do believe that it will in the long term. Right now Apple is at its peak, but their danger is that they are overly reliant on iPhone sales for 70% of their revenue. If iPhone sales begin to falter, they will have some serious problems.
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