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"If you have an iPhone, you have a problem.."
Jacob Appelbaum talks about "(Straw) Man In the Middle: The Modest Post-Snowden Proposal."

Here's the link.
Don't click links, so a summary would be nice.
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DL, I watched it. Basically the guy was talking about security on phone calls and he proposed that when the police eavesdrop on you via a man in the middle attack, that they let you know they are listening. Not sure I agree with him as that would defeat the whole purpose of the eavesdropping.

"Oh, look the police are listening, I'll just keep talking about the plans to heist Fort Knox."

I didn't want to comment initially as I thought the presentation was poorly done. You didn't miss much though some concepts were interesting.
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Name Snowden turns me off. Thx, Schmurf.
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