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BBM Group Chat Disappearing From Hub
Hey all

Since I updated BBM yesterday, a specific group chat keeps disappearing from my Hub. It's my most active group, and the chat is still available through BBM but I have to go into BBM and open it to get it back. It's annoying.

I've refreshed the Hub, did a basic restart, a hard restart, and left and rejoined the group.

Dunno if anyone is dealing with this or knows of a solution, but thought I'd throw it out there.

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  • Fayzul
Not with me. I just started a new group on BBM . :-)
And I didn't get an invite!?

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Been having the same issue this morning.

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(30-01-2016, 05:30 AM)pippimarried Wrote: And I didn't get an invite!?

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I don't know your PIN! LOL PM me.. :-)
Well maybe because I'm still on OS 10.2.xxxx, that's why?

I noticed this too! I'm in two groups and at some point I have lost both chats from hub. Seems intermittent though.
Very weird. I've had no issues so far. I did a soft reset after I updated. Old habits die hard. Hahaha and I like to refresh once a week or sp.
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  • Brad
Still have jumping in group chats, it's very annoying
Hard to believe another update for BBM didn't fix the stupid jump.
Ended chat in all groups, closed BBM, opened BBM, which it is better, but not fixed.
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