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Look Up Selected Word In A Dictionary
The ability to select a word and look it up in a dictionary is possible in BB10 using a third-party app and BB10's awesome Share function.

First, install English Dictionary 10 by TPSoft. Then, all you have to do is highlight a word in the text you're reading, and use the Share function to share it with the dictionary. BB10 will switch to the dictionary app, showing you the meaning of the word (or suggested words).

English Dictionary 10 also allows you to look up words in the Thesaurus the same way.

And when you want to go back to the text you were reading, just hit the Back button and you will be brought back to the text you were reading, and not to the homescreen.

There may be other dictionary apps that work the same way. I obviously didn't check them all. :-)
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wow thats geat. thanks for sharing. this is something BlackBerry can include in the OS.
I suggested it on their icanmakeitbetter site in 2014. They obviously had other priorities. :-)
That's awesome. Thanks, bartron!

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You are a wealth of knowledge Bartron!!
Downloaded and installed! I like that it's resident on my device and not a web-connected app.
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Same here.
Great share! Setting it up now.
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