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BlackBerry App Refund
Often we are very dissatisfied with an app we purchased from BlackBerry World (Listed as BlackBerry Commerce on charge).
I uninstall the app, then go to the link below to request a refund.
BlackBerry Refund
After receiving refund, I go online to BlackBerry World and hit delete to remove the app from My World.
Good Luck.
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Thanks for the tip DL
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thanks DL.
Good tip DL. Didn't know this was a possibility.
I've never gotten a refund for an app simply because I didn't like it.

I figure a few bucks to support a BlackBerry dev might bring along an app I will find useful next time.

Now if an app doesn't work as advertised that's another story.
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I request refunds for apps that don't work. I have no problem supporting BlackBerry devs.
Not what thread is about.
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy

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