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BB "Concept" devices
You'd have to have one super-strong spindle to keep it from snapping into two. I think the concept is interesting, but the reality would be disappointing.
(12-01-2016, 10:40 PM)HYMAN Wrote: Recently, I've seen some cool Blackberry "concept" devices designed by BlackBerry fans, users, loyalists...whatever you may want to call them.

It's nice if these things come to reality and be in our hands and actually use it.

I've attached one (PASSPORT II) which I've seen circling online, which I think originated from Blackberry France, if I'm not mistaken. If so, correct me. Thanks.

Any thoughts about this "concept" device?

now thats awesome concept
And clicking the paper thing by the users name takes you to the last post? Thanks so much
Its quite intresting to know about this

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